Our mission

Building bridges across the Rhine

We create synergies between French and German ecosystems

Our mission is to be a cornerstone for the Franco-Bavarian ecosystem and to enable any entrepreneurs to launch and internationalize in France as well as in Germany, and more particularly in Bavaria. La French Tech Munich enables the emergence of future European and global tech champions, opening access to the French-German ecosystem and supporting the development of startups offering disruptive innovations.

The Franco-German axis is a major asset in the construction of European champions.

We build bridges across the Rhine for startups, scaleups, investors looking to conquer Europe and thus rise to the level of American and Asian champions.

Our objectives:

  • Create & consolidate the French Startup community in Bavaria
  • Support Go-to-Market strategies across the Rhine between startups as well as for investors
  • Enable Franco-German collaboration between Bavarian and French stakeholders
  • Develop and contribute to European projects with other French Tech Hubs